Did you know that you can already submit the attachments to your BIR Forms online instead of going to the BIR office?

Today, submission through BIR’s Electronic Audited Financial Statement (eAFS) System is the safest and the most convenient way of sending your documents to the bureau.


What is eAFS?

The eAFS is a BIR online application, which you can access via the bureau’s website. The system allows you to submit a scanned copy of your filed Annual Income Tax Return (AITR) and other documents. Here’s the link: https://eafs.bir.gov.ph/eafs/ 


What are the Requirements for File Uploading?

Here are the guidelines when submitting through eAFS. Make sure to review and follow them otherwise, you will be unsuccessful with your uploading.

  • You should scan the documents and save them in PDF format with a maximum file size of 4.8 GB per document;
  • You should observe the following naming convention:


Document File Name


Tax Credits (TCR)





XXXXXXXXX is the 9-digit TIN

XXXX is the taxable year

XX is a 2-digit number from 01-99 (only applicable for tax credits)


How will I know if BIR successfully received my file?

You will receive an email from BIR that they received your AFS eSubmission uploads. The BIR email should have a Unique Reference Number and date and time of submission.


The email must be printed out as this will replace the manual process of having your ITR acknowledged/received by BIR through the “RECEIVED BY” rubber stamp.


The BIR has implemented the eAFS through RMC No. 49-2020 and reiterated it per RMC No. 40-2022 to encourage taxpayers to embrace digital channels in complying with their tax duties.


This BIR initiative is essential more than ever, given the continued threat of the COVID-19. This is a great help for taxpayers to conveniently file and pay their taxes on time.


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About Divina Joy Ayungo-Martinez, CPA

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