In today’s digital era, various government agencies in the Philippines are embracing the power of technology to provide better services to citizens.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is no exception, as it continues to push its digitalization roadmap with the release of more updates to its Online Registration and Update System (ORUS).

Through the issuance of Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) 12-2023 on Jan. 27, 2023, the BIR introduced several new features to the ORUS, which will help taxpayers update their registration information, avail tax incentives, and even apply for closure or de-registration of their businesses online.

The ORUS platform was first introduced in 2022 to help taxpayers manage their registration information online. Since then, the BIR has been continuously improving the platform by adding more features to simplify tax compliance for taxpayers.

The recent updates introduced by the BIR include registration information update, secondary registration, and other online facilities.


1. Registration Information Update

With the new registration information update feature, taxpayers can easily update the following business information:

  • Availment of an eight percent income tax return;
  • Submission of an application for a change in accounting period;
  • Registration or addition of tax incentives;
  • Change/update of contact type;
  • Change/update of contact person/authorized representative;
  • Change/update of stockholders/members/partners.

All of these updates can be done through the ORUS platform, without the need to visit a revenue district office physically.


2. Secondary Registration

The secondary registration option, on the other hand, allows taxpayers to register their permit to use loose-leaf books of accounts and system registration of computerized accounting systems.

By doing so, taxpayers can have a more efficient record-keeping process, ensuring they comply with the BIR’s rules and regulations.


3. Other Online Facility

The BIR introduced other online facilities to make tax compliance easier for taxpayers. These include the submission of an application for closure or de-registration of business and the submission of an application for tax identification number cancellation.

The bureau’s continuous effort to improve its digitalization roadmap is a positive development for taxpayers. The ORUS platform is an excellent tool for taxpayers to manage their registration information and comply with the BIR’s requirements easily.

With the introduction of new features, taxpayers can now avail tax incentives, register their permit to use loose-leaf books of accounts, and even apply for closure or de-registration of their businesses online.


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